Bandcamp is giving 100 per cent of sales to musicians for 24 hours.

The music selling platform is waving all of its revenue on sales in order to help musicians during the coronavirus pandemic and to raise awareness of the impact the COVID-19 outbreak is having on the music industry.

A statement posted to the Bandcamp website by its CEO, Ethan Diamond, reads:

"With such a major revenue stream drying up almost entirely, finding ways to continue supporting artists in the coming months is now an urgent priority for anyone who cares about music and the artists who create it."

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Mixmag staff have made a range of playlists Buy Music Club to give you some purchase inspiration.

The playlists are hosted on Buy Music Club, which exclusively uses Bandcamp links to create the lists, meaning you can buy what you're listening to right away or use it as a diving board to go explore artists, labels and scenes.

Happy shopping!

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What with the current uncertain state of the world, it's difficult not to get in your head about stuff. Self-isolation certainly doesn't help. Let these chilled ambient soothers be a gentle reminder to unclench your jaw, loosen yourself up and let yourself be washed away by these gorgeous soundscapes. Chosen by Jemima Skala, Mixmag's Weekend Editor.

The Self Isolation Station

Bored at home? Here's some tunes to dance alone in your kitchen to. Chosen by Kelsey Boyd, Mixmag's Digital Coordinator.

Bass 'N' Club Bangers

It may be a while before we're back in the club and front left like we never left, but that doesn't mean we can't revel in bass and club tunage new, old and forthcoming. While my selection may be a touch scattered (to say the least), I hope you have enough here to solo screw-face from your WFH set-ups, gun finger from your sofas and truly dance like nobody is watching should you be self-isolating. Chosen by Jasmine Kent-Smith, Mixmag's Staff Writer.

Hazy Sessions

You're probably sitting at home itching to get on a dancefloor right now. At the same time, though, you probably need some tunes to calm the mind at an unpredictable time. These meet in the middle of party time and relaxation, a little bit like the sofa selection come 5am. Chosen by Dave Turner, Mixmag's Commercial Content Editor.

Techno TIPS!

In overwhelming times, I find that locking into some rough and ready bangers can help shut out all the other noise. Try take your mind off your troubles by cranking this collection of techno/techno adjacent releases up loud. Chosen by Patrick Hinton, Mixmag's Digital Features Editor.

Adventures In Quarantine

Just some damn fine tunes to keep you going through these absolutely bizarre times. Support the artist bbz! Chosen by Louis Anderson-Rich, Mixmag's Digital Producer.

Living Room Slammers

It doesn't matter about genre, speed or sound, a slammer is a slammer. These are Living Room Slammers. Some are EPs, some are albums, some are new, some are old, some are just stunning tracks. Hopefully they bring a bit of light and energy into your house right now. Chosen by Funster, Mixmag's Global Brand & Content Editor.

High Speed

The rush of high speed music is often linked to the peak-time, where gun fingers are raised toward strobes and screw faces gurn before speaker stacks. But there's meditative moments to be had in the upper echelons of the BPM counter too. Here's a selection of them as chosen by Mixmag's Head Of Digital, Seb Wheeler.

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