Born and raised in New York, Anthony Baldino is an LA-based composer and sound designer whose work spans an enormous range of production avenues. The likelihood that you haven’t heard his world is nearly impossible, with music and sound design in too many trailer campaigns to list, including Prometheus, Interstellar, Ex-Machina, Star Wars: Rogue One, and Avengers: Infinity War and End Game just to name a few. From there, his work ventures to the opposite pole of production with custom sound design based compositions for Dolby Labs mixed in Atmos, beautifully glitched out remixes, and continues on to mind-bending modular synthesizer performances.

In his debut offering as an artist, Baldino brings us his Twelve Twenty Two LP, an amalgamation of all of the artists many talents. Featuring stunning modular synthesizer work and immensely thoughtful sound design, Twelve Twenty Two is a beautiful first body of work from Baldino. Find the LP below.