RATATAT fans are eating good this month. Evan Mast will release a solo album as E.Vast next week and today, Mike Stroud and Agustin White (Abuela) have released a new album under their KUNZITE project VISUALS. This is the sophomore album for the pair, following their debut in 2018 BIRDS DON’T FLY.

Like many albums in the modern, digital age, BIRDS DON’T FLY was largely done by passing along files through email. However, they switched things up with the recording process for VISUALS. Most of the recording process for their new album started while at Agustin’s stripped back studio in Hawaii, and finished at Stroud’s barn studio in upstate New York. Out in Hawaii, they drew inspiration from the island and perhaps some microdosing. The lead single “LEMON SWAYZE” is a play on the name of a favorite cannabis strain of theirs “Lemon Cake.”

That should make sense if you listen to KUNZITE and have some familiarity with RATATAT. VISUALS builds on the groundwork they set with BIRDS DON’T FLY and sets sail with this project. It is weird, psychedelic and fun. It is everything you would want from a project from these two. There are moments of pure unbridled joy that explode out of your speakers like “HALOHEAD” and “JUPITER” and then some classically disco-influenced records like “PLN.” You can hear the island influence with a strong stoner twist with tunes like “SUPREME BEAM.”

If it sounds like it all blends together well, like a continuous trip, that was on purpose. 

"Listening to the VISUALS album in sequence, many of the songs start to blend into each other as the album progresses, making for a journey that might pair well with your favorite psychedelic substance of choice," explain the duo.

They won’t hold back with the 14 tracks as the vocals get all sorts of reverbed treatment, adding to the colorful, psychedelic atmosphere. You can both be couch-locked with this album or ready to dance furiously. This is a project that works anyway you want it. You will enjoy this trip with KUNZITE and make sure to get your copy here.