Harvey Sutherland possesses a unique sense of style, both in music and in appearance. But somehow, it all makes perfect sense. 

But it's not until you dig a bit deeper into what he's all about do these pieces start to make sense. And there's no better time to dive into the world of Harvey Sutherland that by unpacking his debut album Boy.

You only need a few moments to breath in the sounds of Boy, before you are instantly transported back to a hypermodern take on Funk. The fluid expression, the improvisational nature, and the larger-than-life riffs heard throughout all of the tracks on Harvey Sutherland's album make it clear that he is only a conduit of the groove; which is to say that he does not play funk.... funk plays him to full effect. 

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Boy, In The Words Of Harvey Sutherland

The Making Of Harvey Sutherlands Boy

Harvey admits the the album itself was a few years in the making, coming together between tours alongside industry mainstays such as Hot Chip and more. 

Further inspiration was found while working on remixes for the likes of Disclosure and other larger acts, all of whom allowed Harvey to spread his production wings and fly into the world of band orchestration and touring alongside a live ensemble.

Harvey went on to say: