Goldlink has released his new album HARAM! Following his 2019 record Diaspora, Goldlink continues his exploration of various genres and global sounds, collaborating with Flo Milli, NLE Choppa, Santigold, Bibi Bourelly, Rich The Kid and others on this album.

The DMV rapper has long drawn upon a global assortment of sounds and artists, while grounding it in his solid rapping. Goldlink does that with HARAM! He kicks off the album with a few tracks that feature some distorted and distant rapping over dark and gritty beats. Then things start to twist and turn by the time we get to the psychedelic “Terrordome.” The following song “Evian” with PinkPantheress, Rizloski and Rax is deep and housey that adds a brisk pace to the LP.

He keeps the different genres moving on “Culture Clash” adding some drill beats and trading bars with Fire! before figuratively heading to the UK with LukeyWorld for a flow that fits with the UK rapper. “Raindrops” has sparkling guitar with the sexual energy to make it a great song for this summer. There are slower and more methodical songs like “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk” with Jesse Boykins III reminiscing over the path his career has taken over the past decade.

Goldlink delivers again with HARAM!, drawing upon a global collection of genres and molding them into an album that feels still distinctly Goldlink. It bridges At What Cost and Diaspora into another musical chapter for Goldlink that seems to move at a breakneck speed. The project is ripe for summer with great production, but his own rapping and vocal recording can let him down at times. When he experiments, this is when the LP is at its best. Pick up your copy here.