Brooklyn-based producer Flamingosis might have just soundtracked your summer with his funk-rich debut album Daymaker. It’s a tracklist full of fun, funk & energy from the NY based artist that leaves you shocked he’s a solo producer. The album has depth that’s more suited to a 10-piece funk band. A perfect BBQ soundtrack, he first teased the project with the horn-filled single "Wild Summer" and the full album has the same distinguished funk vibe.

While Daymaker is inherently a solo project, the album includes collaborations with giants in the electronic and funk realm, with contributors ranging from keyboardist Borahm Lee [Pretty Lights], Jeff Franca [Thievery Corporation], Hunter Roberts and hip-hop funk duo Recess and Mike Tallman [Euforquestra].

The album transitions from the first track, an ambient synth beauty "First Light" into the syncopated groove of "Daybreak." From then on it’s unadulterated syncopated funk bliss. It’s hard to pick a favorite as each track follows a similar formula, but there’s something about the vocal harmonies in the final track "Cosmic Feeling" that just gives you a warm feeling. 

“It’s the first time I’ve made original compositions in a studio session with musicians,” Flamingosis says about the album. “I was initially scared, but so much great material came out of the sessions. We weren’t just passing files back and forth online. It was hands-on. You never know if it’s a full band or an electronic hip-hop beat. It was so cool to make music in a new way.” 

Listen to the project below and get your copy here. 

He is also going on tour this fall. Get more info on venues and tickets on his website.

2021 Fall Tour Dates

09/16 - Boston, MA
09/25 - Detroit, MI
09/26 - Chicago, IL
09/30 - Ft. Collins, CO
10/01 - Boulder, CO
10/02 - Denver, CO
10/06 - Vancouver, BC
10/07 - Portland, OR
10/08 - Seattle, WA
10/09 - Bellingham, WA
10/14 - Los Angeles, CA
10/15 - Santa Barbara, CA
10/16 - Santa Cruz, CA
10/17 - San Francisco, CA
10/21 - Brooklyn, NY
10/22 - Washington, DC
11/12 - Montréal, QC
11/13 - Toronto, ON
12/01 - Houston, TX
12/03 - Dallas, TX
12/04 - Austin TX
12/08 - Asheville, NC
12/09 - Atlanta, GA
12/10 - Nashville, TN