Daniel Avery has been on a tear with new music over the past 12-16 months. After releasing two albums in 2020, he is back with another new album Together In Static.

The project is comprised of music that he created for a performance that took place last month at the Hackney Church in London. Originally, he was only going to make a few tracks, but he soon realized he had an album’s worth of material. So he polished it up and crafted Together In Static.

The albums comes nearly a year to the day after his two-part LP Love + Light and this project has some similarities. Though it was created for a socially distanced, subdued show, it reflects some of the same themes found in that LP. It is largely reflective of Light on the 2020 album, which was warm and peaceful. However, there are moments towards the end like “Endless Hours” that have the danceable breakbeats for a dark club night.

The opener “Crystal Eyes” is a slow ambient burner that helps set the table for the LP, which switches quickly between differing moods. There are cavernous techno records like “Yesterday Faded” and “Fountain of Peace,” which contrast with the brightness of tracks like “Nowhere Sound” or “A Life That Is Your Own.” It also elevates into the sublime like the gorgeous “Hazel and Gold” with its shacking percussion, bells and sublime synths before one final glorious and uplifting salvo of breaks and synths on “Midnight Sun.”

Daniel Avery set out to create an album for a live show and managed to still create a body of work that works outside of that context. He brings together differing themes of cavernous techno, bright breakbeats and ambient into one record that is dark, peaceful and in the end hopeful. Get your copy of Together In Static here.