Ben Shirken aka Beshken has released his sophomore album Pantomime. The New York-based producer and musician teamed up with his NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music schoolmate and modular synth enthusiast Jason Park, Eastman-trained drummer Matt Bent and classical pianist Jose Escobar.

The result was a slew of improvisational jams that skirted the trance-inducing line of previous work with the chaos of a jam session. Pantomime opens with a continuation from past work with soft synths, bird sounds and piano. Then things start to shift using experimental jazz, weird electronics, soul as his voice comes in and out of focus with drums, piano and synths whirring at different energies in the background.


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It is organized chaos that draws you in on a deeper level and keeps you interested all the way through. There are moments of pure exaltation and celebration and others that are softer and more pensive.

Beshken evolves on his sophomore album to provide more twists and turns into his music. There is still plenty of hypnotic electronic soul like “Self Defense,” but the addition of other music and live experimentation gives this a livelier feel. This is one that marinates on several listens. Get your copy here.