With nearly ten years gone since Axel Boman blessed us with his debut album, Family Vacation, he's making up for lost time here with an incredible double album due out this Friday on his own Studio Barnhus imprint. Sure, in between that time, we've been treated to some magnificent singles but it's about time to experience a true, cohesive set of music assembled by the well-respected Swede. 

Each of the long-players are nine tracks deep and noticeably absent from the internet are any sort of premieres or audio samples so in excited anticipation of this coming Friday, I'd like to provide a glimpse of this fine collection of music. 

The first L.P., Luz is introduced at ease with reverberated melodies skipping across dub rhythms in an an opening affair, he calls "Acid Distortion." Uptempo breaks pick up the pace next in the form of a tune called, "Chukka," featuring Off The Meds vocalist, Kamohelo Khoaripe. The crescendo of arpeggiated melodies in this tune is just stunning! Not only that, it's a perfect segue to the angelic vibes of "Nowhere Good" featuring Studio Barnhus regular, Bella Boo. 

"Gröna dalen" is a downtempo gem which would seemingly serve as the proverbial cherry on top before we are launched back into the stratosphere of "Edgeware Rd." 

The funky, saxophone vibes of "Atra" is undeniably reinvigorating on such a psychedelic trip through the first five tracks so depending on how you look at it, it might be seen as uplifting, or on the other hand, as a disruption. Yours truly, would've preferred it as the closer but it's understanding that "Hold On" is just so much more sentimentally fitting given the common obstacles we've all experienced these past few years. 

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The second album, Quest For Fire instantly turns up the heat with the funky opener, "Sottopassaggio," featuring Swedish indie duo, Miljon. An absolutely divine track which I can boldly declare as the album's highlight. 

"One Two," "Stone Age Jazz," and "Cacti Is Plural" line up the album's next three tracks for a masterclass in exquisite electronica. 'Roman Plumbing" follows in the same vein but finishes with dnb'ish breaks. 

"Ostende" and "Jeremy Irons" take it back to the dance-floor but for the grand finale, the dynamic rhythms of "Les Lèvres Rouges" takes us to the promised land.   

LUZ and Quest For Fire, will drop simultaneously on April 15th 2022 via Axel Boman's very own Studio Barnhus

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