Above & Beyond have just wrapped up their North American ‘Common Ground' tour celebrating their latest album of the same name. Now, the super group have released another new single, one that fans have been hearing in the boys sets since Group Therapy 250 – ‘Red Rocks'.

‘Red Rocks' was a song that was created by Above & Beyond in preparation for their magnificent show last year at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, so it was only fitting that it was named after the magical venue. ‘Red Rocks' is the vintage Above & Beyond sound we all love – progressive melodies, powerful bass lines, and absolutely world class production.

The track has changed a bit since it was played at ABGT 250, and in my opinion it was for the better. Adding an absolutely euphoric female vocal chant, some cool flute sounds, and even some rattlesnake action, I feel these additions added to the feeling of actually being at Red Rocks itself.

Well enough of me gushing about my favorite artists of all time, check out ‘Red Rocks' below and keep up with the boys on socials!


Above & Beyond – Red Rocks