is erring towards the former as far as”get rich or die tryin'” goes. The rapper, who previously protection in July 2015, only to be  in 2017, just last year, appears to now have realized he  made millions after accepting bitcoin for his last album.

Despite the looming uncertainty the cryptocurrency bubble and the questions  the market’s solvency, 50 Cent will take his massive mental slip up all the way to the bank. The rapper’s Animal Ambition album reportedly earned 700 bitcoins over the course several years, when they were worth $662, earning 50 near half a million dollars at the time. All 700 bitcoins were left in the account over the years though, acquiring the rapper well over $7 million in today’s market value. In an , 50 delved into the honest nature his investment: “I’m a keep it real I forgot I did that shit. Lol.”


Photo Credit: Daniel Zuchnik