Zayn Malik has announced a new album, ‘Room Under The Stairs’.

Malik took to social media last night (March 13) to announce the record, which is due to arrive on May 17. It will be Zayn Malik’s fourth solo record overall, and his first with Mercury Record, which also houses the likes of Noah Kahan, Post Malone and Lily Rose.

‘Room Under The Stairs’ will be previewed by its lead single, ‘What I Am’, later this week. A track list for the record has yet to be revealed.

Malik began teasing the record earlier this month, saying in a clip on social media: “I think the intention behind this album fully is for the listener to get more insight on me personally as a human being. My ambitions, my fears, for them to have a connection with that, and that’s why it’s so raw.”

While it has yet to be confirmed, fans are speculating that the record will see Malik experiment with country music, as suggested by him working with country and rock producer Dave Cobb.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast last year, Malik teased: “I’m doing a record I don’t think people are really gonna expect. It’s a different sound for me.” He continued: “And it’s got some more narrative going on, like real-life experiences and stuff. My daughter’s mentioned in there a couple of times.”

Zayn Malik released the single ‘Love Like This’ last July. He explained at the time: “I’m working on my new album currently that is coming soon, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s next.”

Malik’s 2021 record ‘Nobody Is Listening’ scored a three-star review, with Dhruva Balram writing for NME: “‘Nobody is Listening’ has its flaws, but Zayn is clearly working out a few chinks in his armour, and this comes across as a step in a new and fresh direction for the enigmatic artist.”

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