Yellowstone actor Forrie J. Smith has claimed he was kicked off a plane for being drunk.

The actor, who plays Lloyd Pierce on the Paramount Network drama, said in an Instagram video that he “didn’t feel comfortable” sitting next to someone wearing a mask.

“I just got kicked off a plane in… where the hell am I at… Houston, Texas, because I told them I didn’t feel comfortable sitting next to somebody with a mask on,” he began.

“Yeah, I’ve been drinking. I’ve been sitting in an airport for three hours. Yeah I’m drinking, but I ain’t drunk. But they threw me off the plane because I’m drunk, because you people won’t stand up and tell everybody what bullshit this is.

“I just told them I didn’t feel comfortable about sitting next to somebody that had to wear a mask. And I’m off the plane.”

Smith has been outspoken with anti-vaccine views in the past, revealing in 2022 that he would not attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards – which required all attendees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 – due to his unvaccinated status and refusal to do so.

“I’m not vaccinated, I will not get vaccinated,” Smith said on Instagram at the time. “I haven’t been vaccinated since I was a little kid. I don’t vaccinate my dogs, I don’t vaccinate my horses. I’ve never had a flu shot. I never will. I believe they compromise your immunities… It’s just my beliefs. I just don’t believe in that stuff. Whatever.”

Meanwhile, last year it was confirmed that Yellowstone would be coming to an end with its fifth season, though the story is set to continue in a brand new spin-off show, which itself comes after numerous spin-offs including 1883 and 1923.

The series, which began in 2018, focuses on the Dutton family, who own the largest ranch in Montana.

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