Rising Australian producer Yash Bansal recently released his 4-track-EP, ‘What Is It Like To Be Loved?’ and it's a beautifully hybrid release that blends a euphoric combination of resonating lyrics and melodic soundscapes. The lush sound pallets throughout the project are all over the place but in the best way possible; sometimes trap infused bangers, other times being a much more subtle and emotionally driven style. The full EP features beautifully written vocals and lyrics by Bansal himself. Check out a quote on the release below and under that be sure to stream his ‘What Is It Like To Be Loved?’ EP.

This EP is a letter to myself about the things I consider flaws within me and how much it affects my mental state. I wanted to have a very clear emphasis on telling a story that was personal and dear to me rather than just having a few songs that just showcased my sound. I aim to have a lot of transparency with my music that brings the listeners into my consciousness so they can relate with my own experiences.” -Yash Bansal