XDefiant is finally here, and as you’re building loadouts, and trying to figure out which weapons are the best, you may be keen to know how you can unlock all the trophies and achievements in the game. Although not for everyone, a ton of players chase these – especially for multiplayer games, as once the servers go down, you can no longer earn them.

Thankfully, XDefiant‘s trophy and achievement list has only 13 of them, so you won’t need to spend your lifetime in matches. But some of them are a little grindy and may take you a while, even if they are easy to complete. Here is a full XDefiant trophy guide and breakdown.

‘XDefiant’ Trophy Guide

  • MVP (Finish 3 matches as MVP) – Overall, this is the hardest trophy or achievement in the game. However, the best chance to get this is by playing objective game modes and focus on the objective to get as much score as possible. Alternatively, playing the Welcome Playlist can heighten your chances of being named MVP as other players will be of a lower level and less experienced (however, this playlist becomes inaccessible once you reach rank 25).
  • Buzzkill (Cancel 5 enemy Ultras) – This is slightly tricky and requires some luck. However, the easiest Ultra to end is Cleaners with their flamethrower or Echelon with the pistol. Try to pick the enemy off if you know someone is using their Ultra, and it should come naturally.
  • All Grown Up (Reach player level 50) – Simply play the game and you will unlock this. It will take a while, however.
  • Weapon Master (Level up a weapon to level 50) – Pplay the game with one weapon, ideally your favourite and you will eventually unlock it. However, it is likely to take at least 50 or so games, as weapon XP isn’t earned quickly.
  • Streaker (Achieve a killstreak of 5 or higher) – This should come naturally just by playing the game. But, if you are struggling, try to sit back and pick people off from a distance during Domination or Escort.
  • Team Player (Get 50 assists) – This should come naturally just by playing the game.
  • Exterminator (Get 50 kills) – This should come naturally just by playing the game.
  • Winner (Win 10 matches) – This should come naturally just by playing the game.
  • Grand Tour (Complete a match in 5 different game modes) – Play a game in each of the different game modes. Playing the Welcome playlist with most of the modes should unlock this naturally.
  • Damage dealer (Deal 10,000 damage) – This should come naturally just by playing the game.
  • Party player (Complete a match in a party) – Find someone to party up with by inviting them while playing and win a game. Alternatively, you can use Reddit and other looking-for-group platforms.
  • Defense player (Heal or block 5,000 damage) – Your best option is to choose the Libertad faction and heal players, as not everyone is likely to shoot shields and barriers. Over time, while playing as the faction, you should naturally get this.
  • High Fivist (Send or receive 20 high-fives) – At the end of matches, when the scoreboard displays, scroll over your teammates names and award them with a high-five.

As mentioned, most of these trophies and achievements really aren’t that hard, and you should pick up almost all of them by playing normally. Even the slightly tougher ones just require a bit of grinding or playing for an extended period before you will eventually unlock them just by chance.

There are definitely harder shooters out there to get all the trophies and achievements for. XDefiant overall has had a pretty solid launch, and there is a lot of buzz about the game, despite it running into matchmaking issues on launch day.

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