The Grand Alliance Music’s sound aligns becoming more clear as their debut compilation continues, showcasing this era’s best bass music. The artists here have really spent time in the lab, cooking up something refreshing and captivating that binds together in abstract ways, offering a journey through bass music well-worthy of a festival stage takeover.

Grand Alliance Music shares on the new compilation,Given the resources, friends and connections available to this artist driven label, this compilation is an honest attempt to embody the essence of the labels core vision; to unite diverse voices from around the world under one harmonious canopy.

NUMINOUS is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a testament to the transcendent power that music can attain; to bridge us interpersonally through our cultures, embracing our diversity, connecting us and enriching our souls by evoking profound emotions through indescribable energy and sonic vibrations. Ranging from heavy, jaw-dropping basslines to otherworldly, syncopated melodic textures that will move your feet as they dance from one universe to another on this psychedelic adventure. Each electronic composition is a brushstroke of a larger canvas, painting an awe-inspiring picture of unity amidst diversity, which we couldn’t be prouder to share with the world.”

Grand Alliance Music NUMINOUS

The album boasts an array of contributions, elevating the 18-track compilation. Among its notable artists are esteemed bass music figures such as Dysphemic and Bass Temple, alumni of both Gravitas Recordings and Muti Music, as well as Torbjørn, coming off his first performance of Lightning in a Bottle this past weekend and Luke Rain and Schuz from the PNW, with releases on revered labels like Sleeveless Records, High Vibe Records, and BASSCVLT. Additionally, the compilation features mindful works by Flora.noise, affiliated with Street Ritual and Cimmerian Records, alongside familiar talents previously associated with Grand Alliance Music.

Creations from BUTTONZ, TechTonic, Leng Lewn, Boydex, Vsoundz and iLLUCID further enrich the offering. Now if you have not heard of iLLUCID yet, read our interview about how he start Australia’s biggest bass bush raves.

ILLUCID at Bush Raves in Australia photo credit KRD

Furthermore, the album introduces a plethora of promising newcomers including Lucid Slip who just landed on Wakaan for his remix of LSDREAMS and Shlump’s ‘STARCHILD’, Dystracted coming off a set at Earth Frequency Festival 2024, Lucas The Flow, YILO, Fendz and Mosaiq, solidifying the label’s emergence as a premier destination for diverse artistic expression and their ear for excellence.  Enjoy the full journey of the compilation that is broken down into 4 parts: Festival Bangers, Uptempo/DnB, Midtempo and Chill/Downtempo.

While one of Grand Alliance Music‘s label heads, BUTTONZ, makes his appearance on ‘NUMINOUS’, the other label head, Will of Willdabeast (Muti Music & Gravitas Recordings) is still lurking in the forests, patiently waiting for his turn on the label’s stage.  The label will be popping up everywhere as many on the compilation have already been welcomed on stage at bass music major festivals such as Esoteric Festival, UNTZ and Mushroom Valley.  This month will be profound for the young label, as they are chomping at the bit, injecting their energy into the world with promises of more from Dystracted in June and the inspiration from studio sessions that is elevating their frequency.


Numinous; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity. mysterious, unearthly, otherworldly, awe-inspiring; transcendent. 


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