Sic Withit is an established cannabis grower and rising rapper from West Garden Grove, CA. The multi-faceted artist was born musically inclined, allowing him to be self-taught on various instruments at a very young age. Wasn't long until Sic Withit was rocking out in bands at just 10 years old and by 13, was recording his own music. Enduring traumatic trauma at a young age can be detrimental to a child's soul/mind, and when Sic Withit lost his mother to domestic violence at the hands of his step-father, he could only turn to music to help through his hardest times.

Fast forward to now, Sic Withit has been California recording with people such as 42 Dugg, YBN Almighty Jay, Layzie Bone and Brotha Lunch Hung. He released his debut album in August 2020. The Wasteland album serves as an introduction to the world of who Sic Withit truly is.

He now turns to a Weedsday playlist for Magnetic featuring tunes from Cypress Hill, Sublime, Ludacris, and more.

1. Cypress Hill - Dr. Green Thumb

This song is so unforgettable for me; everything from the music itself to the music. Once you listen and watch you will never forget. The song is themed around this mad scientist/cannabis grower named Dr. Green Thumb, and what really caught my ear was all the craziness happening in the intro. Then in the video, the intro ends with Dr. Green Thumb in a long white lab coat, an image forever set in my mind. Also, as I get older, this song really resonates with me more as I’ve become a grower myself.

2. Sublime - Smoke Two Joints

This is the first song I ever heard about smoking weed that I could ever remember -- my mom used to listen to Sublime and this CD (40oz. To Freedom) and when she’d play it, I remember a certain aroma that I now know was weed, haha. The whole melody of the song is my favorite aspect to it, but really everything about this song though is perfect to smoke to. It’s fun, catchy, and actually pretty simple. Really gets to the point about smoking, like when things are bad, I’ll smoke two more joints.

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3. Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum

This is a TOP-LEVEL smoking song. Such a classic. Ludacris really nailed it with this one -- it’s so catchy, and just screams smoking vibes. It literally makes me want to smoke some blueberry yum yum, where is that at? Who can get it for me?!

4. Kottonmouth Kings - So High

This is taking it way back! This song is so nostalgic for me. I remember when I first heard this intro and KK talking about growing cannabis and using all the grow-related terms. I was clueless, had no idea what he was talking about but I wanted to know, so I asked all the older homies to explain and that is when I first started to really absorb my knowledge about cannabis. Also, I really love how this song goes from that intro then just goes BOMB GET YURR DONE. It is such a vibey ass song with West Coast vibes too.

5. Rebelution - So High (Remix)

I absolutely LOVE this song. Obviously, it’s super vibey but what I love about it is how hard it hits and how it is much different than what you’d expect from Rebelution too. It’s a bit more Trap x Reggae than usual. The 808s go off and I love the sounds they put in on this remix. I love the fact that it is a remix too, makes me appreciate it more because of that.