Netflix has announced the release date for upcoming original K-drama series, Parasyte: The Grey. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the new show , including its cast, premiere date and more.

What is the plot of Parasyte: The Grey?

The upcoming K-drama, which is based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s iconic manga Parasyte, will be set in a “new locale with fresh characters”, according to the streamer in a press release. Netflix also says that the series will “chart its own unique course while maintaining the imaginative world and profound message of the beloved manga”.

Parasyte: The Grey will follow Su-in as she reckons with her newfound co-existence with a parasite, while tracking the efforts of Team Grey, who are a group dedicated to ridding these parasites of mysterious origins that live off humans.

Who is in the cast of the new Netflix K-drama?

Our Blooming Youth‘s Jeon So-nee will star as Su-in. Meanwhile, Koo Kyo-hwan of D.P. fame will play a character named Kang-woo, who is described as a man with a particular drive to fight off the parasites as part of a larger quest to locate his missing sister.

Elsewhere, Lee Jung-hyun from Decision To Leave will portray Jun-kyung, the leader of the anti-parasite task force “The Grey”. He will be joined by Hae-hyo of Flex X Cop and Kokdu: Season of Deity‘s Kim In-kwon, both of whom will play detectives and colleagues.

Who is behind Parasyte: The Grey?

Parasyte: The Grey is directed by Yeon Sang-ho, best known for his breakout film Train To Busan. The creative is also known for his various projects with Netflix, including the film JUNG_E, as well as K-dramas Hellbound and The Bequeathed.

Is there a trailer for Parasyte: The Grey?

Netflix released the first teaser for Parasyte: The Grey on March 7, introducing audiences to the world of the K-drama and the parasites that have invaded Earth.

The clip also previews a number of thrilling scenes from the new Netflix original series, alongside lead character Su-in as she infiltrates the parasites who are hellbent on taking over the planet.


Netflix released a full trailer for the K-drama series on March 20. It opens by revealing how lead character Su-in was initially infected by the parasite invasion that is slowly taking over Earth.

Later, we meet members of Team Grey, a group dedicated to researching and exterminating these parasites, as a launch their “clean-up operation” across Korea. Meanwhile, the parasites are well-aware that humans are “studying, chasing and trying to slaughter” them.


How to watch Parasyte: The Grey?

According to a brand-new poster published by the streamer onFebruary 28, Parasyte: The Grey is slated to hit Netflix across the globe on April 5. The series will be exclusive to the streaming platform.

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