Embarking on a four-part mission to bring the party back to dance music, Walker & Royce have embraced the boisterous, unruly nature of their over-the-top signature to deliver 10 non-stop anthems via Dirtybird. A highly collaborative body of work, No Big Deal features a colorful collection of characters including comedian/ musician Reggie Watts, Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling artist James Patterson (and 1/2 of the electronic duo The Knocks), peak-time queen VNSSA, Grammy-nominated vocalist Barney Bones, and more.

Walker & Royce No Big Deal

From the tongue-in-cheek lyricism of ‘I Don’t Remember’ and ‘Might Just’ to the overzealous charisma imparted on tracks like ‘Motivashun’ and ‘Fatalistic Groove’, No Big Deal boasts the sense of humor and lightheartedness that Walker & Royce have brought to countless dance floors throughout their career. The album is hallmarked by the kaleidoscopic elements of their dance music roots: catchy vocals, playful melodies, thumping basslines, and relentless four-on-the-floor percussion.

No Big Deal is a wondrous homage to the weird and wacky tropes that have distinguished Walker & Royce’s no-holds-barred style for more than a decade. An auditory yearbook cataloging Walker & Royce’s sonic inspirations from their early days in New York City’s 90s underground raves to the Dirtybird BBQs and Campouts where they found their home, No Big Deal is a victory lap for Walker & Royce as they cement their status as headliners and hitmakers.

No Big Deal is a reminder to enjoy the ‘Cheap Thrills’ that life presents, to ‘Get Down Down’ and adopt a motto like ‘Let’s Live It Up’.

Walker & Royce photo credit Time Nightclub

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