We were big fans of Berlin-based producer Julien Bracht’s album Now Forever One earlier this year, loving the massive sawtooth synth tears and intense analogue synth layers that married the sounds of synthwave and techno so perfectly. Now, the Berlin powerhouse returns with a remix from established master of the genre Vril, known for his work on Marcel Dettmann’s label and collaborations with Rødhåd.

The new remix sees two artists with limitless potential in the techno space combining to devastating effect. There’s plenty of hints to the classic days of trance in this remix, with the held pads resembling the classic "Airwave" by Rank 1. The track then builds towards anthemic trance-gate stabs that sound straight out of the mid-90’s. It’s a remix that takes Vril out of his comfort zone but he has delivered something very unique.

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