Tom Tainted is a talented DJ and dynamic Producer working within the realm of Progressive House and Melodic House & Techno. Hailing from Heidelberg, Germany, Tom has emerged as an influential figure within Electronic music, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with a series of impressive releases throughout 2023 alone; with tracks such as ‘Beauty of the Glen’, ‘Things’, ‘Offside’, ‘Maasvlakte’, and ‘Feel It’, all serving to showcase his impressive abilities and skillset, Tom Tainted continually seeks fresh avenues to distinguish himself, ensuring he leaves a lasting impression on the genre.

Tom Tainted started his journey when a friend introduced him to a mixtape of Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat and early Jungle music, sparking his interest and love for the sounds and electrifying energy of Electronic Music. From there, Tom Tainted embarked on his own voyage of discovery, starting to DJ in the late 90s with his first gig at age 17; as he honed his skills playing mainly House music for opening sets at a club in his hometown, Tom Tainted began establishing his own signature style, drawing from a wide range of influences and inspirations to create a sound that’s distinctly his own. As he became a regular DJ on the local scene, holding several residencies and playing vinyl sets throughout the night at the famous Deep Club in Heidelberg, Tom Tainted’s reputation on the DJing circuit continued to grow. With a passion for music that has never ceased, Tom Tainted now drops productions for listeners around the globe to enjoy, releasing on labels like Blanco Y Negro, Deep Woods, Krafted, Sounds of Meow, Progressive Vibes, Bewild Records and many more.

Branching his creativity into new and exciting territories, Tom Tainted appears as the visionary behind Red Trail Music, a record label specializing in Melodic and Progressive House, as well as the host of the popular monthly radio show ‘Red Trail Radio’. As he provides a platform that serves as a podium for an eclectic array of both established artists and emerging talents, embodying the motto of ‘Melodic and Progressive Vibes from Around The World’, Tom Tainted continues to demonstrate his support for the growth of Electronic Music, cementing his place as an impactful force on the scene.

Tom Tainted’s own innovative production style melds the sounds of Melodic Techno, Progressive Breaks, and Deep House to craft exhilarating soundscapes characterized by their melodic, intense, and driving energy. With such unique artistry, it is no surprise that his work has garnered reverence from esteemed figures within the genre, including luminaries such as Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Hel:sløwed, and Pretty Pink, leading to his music being featured on radio stations like Kiss FM UK and Radio Sunshine Live.

A rapidly emerging talent within Electronic Music, Tom Tainted has established a formidable presence as a label owner, radio host, and pioneering Producer and DJ, making his mark on the landscape of the genre via a variety of artistic pursuits. His unstoppable creativity, fueled by enthusiasm and love for the genre, positions him on a trajectory to reaching greater heights and recognition as he continues paving his way through the dense and diverse landscape of Electronic Music. Stay informed about Tom Tainted’s latest releases and captivating performances by following him on social media.

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