A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, another Starfield player made a cool Star Wars-themed spaceship.

As spotted by Game Rant, YouTuber CyberVinLouis has built a version of the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. Although Starfield has courted some controversy due to the inclusion of paid mods, it also provides players with the tools they need to recreate their favourite ships from other sci-fi properties.

The Razor Crest has been reimagined as a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) ship, but it’s no easy feat to build yourself. You’ll need to be level 60, with the perks piloting rank four, starship design rank four, and you’ll need 400,000 credits. You’ll also need to download the creations better ship parts flips, better ship parts snaps, and firefly VTOL engine.


The above video breaks down how to build this version of the Razor Crest step by step, so you can use it to recreate it yourself, if you like. This isn’t a new trend in Starfield, either, players have been making their favourite ships in the game since it launched. People have made X-Wings, Jedi starfighters, Mass Effect‘s Normandy SR2, Alien‘s USCSS Nostromo, and the Vengeful Spirit.

After the game was review bombed for including paid mods, Bethesda boss Todd Howard responded, saying it was “great feedback” for the company to receive. “But now we definitely see the feedback right? And that’s not what we want at all in terms of, oh no, this looks like a faction that we’re chopping up and then selling for 700 credits at a time. And so I do think we are going to take a look at that and how we deliver content like that, and whether we’re changing pricing or breaking it up or what we should do there. So, great feedback from the community.”

In other news, a new GTA Online paywall has upset fans in a big way because it blocks off a much-requested quality-of-life feature for everyone not subscribed to GTA+.

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