The month of May saw a fantastic selection of organic house tracks being released. In our list you will find the quirky melodies, entranced progressions, and rooted percussion that has come to define this growing sub-genre. 

Festival season has woken up after its pandemic-induced lull so producers and labels are firing out tracks ready to captivate audiences once again. 

We found spring highlights from artists Tim Green, Sebastien Leger, Shai T, Gorje Hewek, M.O.S., and Zone+ releasing on labels among Anjunadeep, Lost & Found, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, and The Soundgarden.

Stream the entire chart uninterrupted via one of the playlists below:

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What is Organic House Music?

Not sure what defines the sub-genre of organic house? 

Throughout the 2000-teens, a few new underground styles were emerging and branching off from the vein of deep house into what was being called playa tech, deep melodic house, and organica, among others. 

It clearly expresses its genetic imprint from deep house, while merging with folk-rooted, acoustic sounds of the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa & North Africa, India, and the Mediterranean. 

More recently, it has merged again with uplifting and euphoric melodies reminiscent of trance music from days of old. Beatport arbitrarily slapped a label on all these for categorical purposes and we've been gong along with it ever since then. And don't worry, even if your house music is non-organic, it's still safe to consume. 

For more information, check out our deep dive into the genre.