TATE SEDAR, an Insomniac Discovery Project artist, makes a powerful entrance this summer with “Emotions,” featuring Clayton Brann, a.k.a. P$YCHEDELIC. Known for his verse on “CLICK” by Ghengar (a.k.a. Ghastly) and amassing 4.7 million views on his debut single “Ballin’,” Clayton adds a compelling layer to this post-EDM track.

Crafted over three years, “Emotions” reflects the trials and triumphs of TATE’s journey in the music industry and his evolving relationship with the rising rapper. The funk-inspired cuts, hyper-rolling bassline, and 808 drums shape a bass house format reminiscent of Noizu, Sage Armstrong, and knock2.

In 2021, TATE began experimenting with a post-EDM sound, blending analog and digital instruments, culminating in the first version of “Emotions.” Initially a contest submission for EDC 2022, the project found new life when TATE and Clayton met backstage at Countdown NYE 2023.


Their connection was instant, bonded by shared influences like Michael Jackson and mutual passions. Despite not winning the contest, TATE’s unique sound caught Clayton’s attention, leading to a collaboration rooted in their shared experiences.


Their chance encounter at Beyond Wonderland 2024 solidified their partnership. Clayton, buoyed by the success of “Ballin’,” which had gone viral, and his recent performance with Ghengar, had an undeniable impact on TATE. The conversations and shared aspirations between the two artists inspired TATE to refine “Emotions.” The track, capturing the essence of their bond and the emotional journey of creation, shines light on the powerful connections within the human experience. “Emotions” is now a reflection of their artistic journey.


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