Our Goodbye” by radio artist TATE SEDAR and rising singer/songwriter Liv Kennedy transforms ‘the breakup song’ into something upbeat, revelatory and ready for summer radio.

TATE SEDAR & Liv Kennedy ‘Our Goodbye’

A hallmark of their friendship since college, the project combines satin melodies, unique lyricism and mixed production from TATE’s post-EDM sound (analog and digital) into a result of personal storytelling and production; even after a three year journey and more than one instrumental – the track still relevantly challenges the format of love songs and the modern electronic-pop anthem.

SEDAR and Kennedy shared the same social circles at Syracuse University, but TATE only discovered Kennedy’s distinctive voice when she revisited singing during their senior year. Once TATE moved to Liv’s hometown of LA and she returned after songwriting in Nashville, the friends built a track on romantic events that occurred amidst years apart; ironically, the two only developed a friendship after college.

A mirroring of her own relationships. Kennedy examines in their song the hardest part of a breakup: goodbyes. With an intuitive topline evoking longing and relatable dating anecdotes: the duo effectively express the all-too-familiar ends of long-term love tenures or situationships into a single word – bittersweet. While Liv’s voice wavers through pensive emotions, TATE embodies the epiphany to move on in failed romance with energetic, major-key drops.

Inspired by electropop acts such as Ke$ha, Taio Cruz and Katy Perry as well as ‘golden age’ EDM (2010-2016), SEDAR departs from the limits of exclusively analog or digital music – radically evolving the instrumentation of both electronic and pop genres with both acoustic instruments and digital sounds in his trademark of post-EDM.

Originally written over a somber minor-key instrumental after production, SEDAR took time to recreate the instrumental in a way that reflected the songwriting, not vice-versa. And all for the best: it was in this three-year period of growth that TATE built his post-EDM signature, eloquently exhibited through the hybrid sounds and themes of the human experience in this track.

As a culmination of his sound, he said: “I feel like it was a track I was always supposed to make; it was meant to be.” Whether it’s the soundtrack to a night out, a doom-scroll session on your ex’s feed, a moment of clarity before meeting someone new or a summer season of new beginnings – “Our Goodbye” is a streaming-ready and radio-built evolution of modern music and romance that SEDAR and Kennedy are excited to navigate and share.


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