Canadian singer-songwriter Raquel Kiaraa has released a single from her 2021 album Defying Odds. The track getting the spotlight, “Sweet Memory,” arrives with a new music video.

“Sweet Memory” that’s her brand of soaring pop music and adds a little bite with grungy electric guitar as she sings about overcoming the odds. That is a common theme on the album Defying Odds. Raquel Kiaraa sings about what is most dear to her heart — support and empowerment of women across the world. 

Kiaraa draws inspiration from Leonard Cohen, his late start in music and his success. She is a coach, entrepreneur and mother. The video adds a colorful palate to the song as she sings in white on a throne and fighting off her demons.

“I had never sung anywhere nor understood music whatsoever. Only the fact that I love to listen to it. The only thing I did know was I always loved to write, and I had books upon books of poetry I had written but had no idea how to turn them into songs,” Raquel said in an interview.

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Check out the video and album while you are here.

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