Inspiration for making music can come from the most unexpected sources, including video games. From hip-hop to electronic music, games have always influenced the creativity of musicians. Today, we bring you six talented electronic music creators who were inspired by video games and used their inspiration to create unique pieces of music. From their childhood love of games to their professional careers in the music industry, these musicians have explored new sonic spaces, translating their passion for video games and their music into music.

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  • Lisa McKendrick, also known as Ninja Riot

Musician and composer whose passion for music began with the Nintendo Game Boy. Inspired by the sounds and technology of this 8-bit handheld console, she creates unique musical compositions using sounds created by this particular device.

  • Laurie French

Utilized the Game Boy in his art, turning a simple game console into a sound instrument and creating amazing music tracks that emulate the sounds of 8-bit games.

  • Stormfield

Musician and AV artist who uses Kinect technology to create music and visual artwork. Kinect, developed by Microsoft, allows the user to interact with a computer using gestures and voice commands, and Stormfield uses this technology to create unique audiovisual works.

  • Mark Towers, robotics specialist and musician

Creates music with the help of the LEGO Mindstorms constructor. This constructor allows the user to build and program their own robots, and Mark uses its capabilities to experiment creatively with sound.

  • Jim Simons, software developer and musician

Known for his work in virtual reality. He created the AliveInVR project, which allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual space and create music using gestures and movements of virtual instruments.

  • Daniel James Ross, also known as Mio

A musician whose work is inspired by video games. He combines electronic music with game sounds and creates unique audiovisual works that transport listeners into the world of games, allowing them to immerse themselves in an ocean of vivid emotions.

Today’s video game-inspired electronic music creators are a prime example of how gaming culture can be a source of imagination and creativity in the music industry. Their experimentation with technologies ranging from the Game Boy and Kinect to LEGO Mindstorm and virtual reality has allowed them to create unique and innovative works that combine the world of music and video games to fill listeners’ playlists with unique compositions.

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