For Funk The World 67, Fort Knox Five turned to long-time remixers, collaborators and producers of groove with a global sound, Los Chicos Altos. DJ T-Bird of LCA has been living in Barcelona and put together this eclectic mix. He brings his worldwide taste for music to bear on his brand new mix.

There are tunes from Miles Davis, Los Chicos Altos, Tony Allen, Reggae Roast and many more with a blend of just about everything groovy in here.

Listen and follow along with the tracklist below.


1. Horace Andy - Skylarking (Noiseshaper Version)
2. Reggae Roast - Mr Bossman
3. Rare Essence - Hit the Floor ft Snoop Dogg
4. Junkyard Band - The Word
5. D.A.A.S. Wuz Up - Demand the Vote
6. Black Masala - Bhangra V (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
7. Young Pilgrims - Pilgrimage
8. Miles Davis - Chocolate Chip
9. Pleasure - Thanks for Everything
10. Quincy Jointz - Bodyline (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
11. Tony Allen & His Afro Messengers - Road Close
12. PS5 - Babalawo
13. Conga Cult - Ule
14. Novalima - Santero (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
15. Vitu Vlalera - Mamakumba
16. Dubble D - Herbissimol
17. Mark de Clive-Low & Andrew Espeut - Sunrays
18. Don Blackman - You ain't hip (LCA Remix)