Tomorrow, February 18th, Eric Sharp will release his second single “The Gift" off his forthcoming EP. The track is a new-age aesthetic, that really reminds all of us that life is a gift but we are all just a part of one big system. 

A little background on Eric if you aren't familiar. In 2013 Sharp signed to Win Music (home of Duke Dumont, Tiga, and more) and released his EP Sharp Cuts. Fronted by vocals from Anna Lunoe and others, the release of these songs helped establish Eric as an artist in the scene. He has since performed at festivals such as Coachella, SXSW, and Outside Lands.

"'The Gift' is close to my heart and is the next step in my journey to create tracks that are tailor-made for a dance floor while still conveying a meaningful message," explains Sharp. 

"Zhao's poem was so inspiring, and I love that it asks more questions than it answers. Like an abstract painting, the person experiencing the work becomes an active participant. Bringing one's own subjective perception of reality, shaped by their individual experiences and points of view, a listener can draw their own conclusions."

Sharp's latest release "The Gift" highlights his talents and thoughts of what really goes into this music during his creative process. Immediately it showcases Sharp’s attention to detailed, dynamic dance instrumentals, and subverting the conventional build-up and drop. Pay attention to the music lyrics and really think about life and your day-to-day activities. It took me a few times to listen to every single lyric and put the metaphors together, but once you do it really does help you see his mental state while creating this masterpiece. 

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See what they both have to say about what the track means to them. 

"Personally, I believe that humanity suffers from being reduced to cogs in a machine that doesn't benefit most of us, and that the transactional nature of so many of our interactions has a damaging effect on our sense of self," says Sharp. "This is particularly amplified in LA, where one's status (or lack thereof) is constantly on display. There is a part of us that is so much greater than this hierarchy, and I hope this track can remind people of this."

"There are so many words for what we should and shouldn’t be doing, but I’ve found that when it comes to personal needs, these are communicated directly within ourselves nonverbally. A simple breathing exercise, a good meal, a bath…in this internal space of self-care, words only get in the way. Rationalized truth falls away to the truth of sensation," says Zhao of the song. 

"The dance floor is another such place where we can return to the truth of our sensations, connecting with our bodies as finely-tuned instruments for vibration, light, and life. Somewhere that words fail. Somewhere, you - somewhere, me."

Hear the single first before its release tomorrow.