This is one you may need to turn up the volume on to get all of the elements in the track. Longtime producer Bogdan Raczynski will release his first album in 15 years titled ADDLE next month on Planet Mu. Raczynski was a key figure in the late 90's and early 2000's scene, putting out a slew of albums from 1999 to 2007''s Alright!. The Polish American musician switches from the high-octane jungle and breaks for this new album that is more at peace and less in your face. It aligns more with some of his early work and a recent EP BANANS. We are happy to premiere one of the songs from ADDLE today titled “ALDDE.”

It is important to situate this song in the context of the wider album. “ALDDE” is the finale for the album, so it acts as the closer to the project. It opens with the sounds of a thunderstorm with rain falling and thunder rumbling in the distance. A deep and booming kick drum introduces the music as more percussion slowly joins the fray and methodical synth notes add depth to the track.

The track runs for 10 minutes, but the “music” portion of it with synths and drums cuts off around the six minute and 30 seconds mark. Then it is back to the rain as you ride out the song and album with the calming sounds of nature.

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“A while ago I was clearing out the squirrel droppings from my barn when the Grammy Committee called to say that if I wanted a shot at being considered I'd have to extend the length of the album, so that's why I ran the clock on the field recording bit. Actually, only one of these things is true,” says Raczynski in a tongue and cheek way.

“ALDDE” will be released tomorrow, February 16. The album will drop on March 18 via Planet Mu. Pre-order the LP here.