Paris Jackson has opened up about her upcoming music, and said that the personal topics she explores in the lyrics may be “hard for some people to hear”.

The 26-year-old singer is the only daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson, and is currently in the midst of working on the follow-up to her 2020 debut LP ‘Wilted’.

Now, discussing the forthcoming material in a new interview on the Live From Bed podcast, the artist has recalled how fans can expect to see her delve into more personal lyrics and put forward some topics that may be difficult to hear.

“I mean, is some of it going to be hard for some people to hear? For sure, yeah, because what I’m talking about is a lot of touchy things,” she explained to host Jade Iovine. “Some people might have a hard time.”

While details on the album remain sparse – including the title and release date – she did elaborate that the topics she explores weren’t hard for her to write, as she has already dealt with the emotions and opened up to those close to her.

“All of my close friends know my story. I’m an open book with all of my friends,” she said, adding that she often draws on her experiences of “pain or heartbreak or loneliness” in her music. She also recalled how the upcoming release has seen her draw inspiration from her collaboration with songwriter and producer Linda Perry.

“‘Let’s make something loud and let’s make something fun and let’s also make something a little more specific,’” she said, recalling the decision that she and Perry opted for when writing, as well as steering away from “vague” and “fake deep” lyrics.

“It’s a very specific thing that I go for and [Perry] just [told me]: ‘Be more specific with your words because I can’t understand what you’re saying’.”

The currently unnamed release will follow on from last year’s singles ‘Bandaid’ and ‘Hit Your Knees’. It is not yet known if either of the two tracks will be released as part of an upcoming LP.


In other Paris Jackson news, last year the singer headed on tour across America, opening for Silversun Pickups. She also performed at a number of festivals including Bonnaroo, Bottlerock and the baseball-themed Innings Festival.

The year prior, she released a three-track EP called ‘The Lost’, and spoke with The Struts’ Luke Spiller as part of NME’s Friends Like These series. Check it out above.

Jackson released her debut album ‘Wilted’ in 2020. Reviewing the albumNME wrote: “‘Wilted’ feels caught between the twee folksy pop of Paris Jackson’s previous releases with The Soundflowers and the bewildering alt-rock icon she may become.

“As a musical introduction, it’s enthralling, inconsistent and, at times, excellent. Ultimately, this is a glimpse of the artist that Jackson could be.”

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