Milky Bass introduces his new single ‘Transcendence’ via Future Rave Music. The Electronic Dance and Future Rave music label continues to amaze, as it continues adding more exceptional music to their ever-growing catalog. The label’s main goal is to share their love of Dance music, while expanding its listener’s playlists by showcasing the best new talent from all over the world through exceptional and innovative productions, making high-quality its characteristic feature. 

In this opportunity, Milky Bass joins the long list of rising talents collaborating with Future Rave Music such as Bromo & Yantosh, ALEX LNDN, Edy Marron and Ken Bauer. 

Tracks like ‘I Just Wanna Rave’, ‘Going Down’, ‘Collide’, and ‘So Long’ released not too long ago by the label, have become instant hits and garnered a lot of attention from listeners internationally. 

Milky Bass comes from releasing ‘More Love’ and his latest track ‘Ride You’ featuring Juana Rinaldi, on major online streaming platforms, now with ‘Transcendence’, he wants to display his skills and sound.

‘Transcendence’ starts on a mysterious note, as rising growling and revving synths provide an immediate party release, a track filled with high energy, it features heavy synth stabs and growling sonic elements that fire up an imagined smoke machine in the listener’s own mainstage rave at a festival. Fans of the Electro House and Mainstage genres will find a new favorite in ‘Transcendence’. 

This new release puts Milky Bass’ name on the map as another fresh new artist from this label to keep an eye on, while Future Rave Music becomes the go-to hub for avid EDM and Future Rave lovers to log into and find the best tracks coming straight from the biggest emerging talents in Electronic music worldwide.

Be sure to follow Milky Bass and Future Rave Music as they continue to put out expertly produced fresh tracks. 


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