Michelle Yeoh‘s recent Netflix series The Brothers Sun has been cancelled just two months after its first and now only season was released.

The crime drama is set in Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley and follows Taiwanese mobster Charles Sun (played by Justin Chien), whose father is assassinated in Taipei. In the aftermath of his death, Charles travels to Los Angeles to protect his estranged mother (played by Yeoh) and younger brother (played by Sam Song Li).

The eight-episode series was created and executive produced by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu and landed on Netflix on January 4.

Chien took to Instagram to post a tribute to the show.

“To all the fans of The Brothers Sun, Thank you for riding with us on this labor of love. It will take some time to digest this news, but I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and support for the show,” he wrote. “Thank you for every post, tweet, edit, interaction, etc. It fills me with so much joy knowing that the show resonated with so many people. Your love made all of our collective work, sacrifices, and heartache, worth it.”

Chien continued: “Thank you all for your love. Without you, this wouldn’t mean nearly as much as it does. I gave everything I had to this show, and I can’t wait to do the same in the next project, whatever, whenever it may be — I promise I will give it my all.”

In other news, Jodie Foster recently said that Yeoh’s film  Everything Everywhere All At Once is one that everybody should watch at least once. The other film she mentioned was Team America: World Police. 

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