A Mexican media outlet made an awkward broadcasting error when covering the solar eclipse on Monday (April 8).

RCG Media’s 24/7 news programme had been using clips submitted by viewers during their coverage of the rare celestial event. However, the show’s hosts realised that they had been pranked by the viewer, who had sent in a shocking video to the news programme.

While the presenter was discussing the cities which had sightings of the eclipse, images of the event were broadcast to viewers.

The show presented images of the phenomenon, in which the moon can be witnessed totally covering the sun.

The segment was quickly cut when the hosts realised they had instead shown a video of a man blocking the sun with his testicles.

One of the hosts gasped as the realisation set in, and camera cut away to the studio, where another host explained how the video had been sent in by a fan.

The broadcasters then went on to explain how mistakes like this can occur, particularly when dealing with footage sent in by viewers.

However, according to Indy100, a Spanish news site, Vandal reported that the video is not new, and has reportedly been around since 2017, when another eclipse took place.

In other eclipse-related news, Jimmy Fallon and Heart performed a rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to mark the extraordinary event.

Elsewhere, Vampire Weekend also performed the ’80s hit to commemorate the eclipse at the Moody Ampitheatre in Austin, Texas.

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