Blue Hawaii is next up in our Magnetic Mix series. Alexander Kerby and Ra Standell Preston aka Blue Hawaii are a duo that blend dancefloor electronics with pop and a downtempo edge that makes the songs quite soothing in between bursts of energy. The Montreal duo released their new EP My Bestfriend’s House last week, which captures that idea sonically, while also celebrating life, love and connection.

There is also a tenderness to their music like the danceable and sweet “Danced Into My Life.” For this Magnetic Mix, Blue Hawaii mixes up some songs that are designed for high-energy activities. Alexander Kerby is DJ Kirby, whose remix of “Butterfly” kicks off the mix.

The pair says this mix is filled with “trancey techno-y diva-y bangers to tide you over till we tour this June! We felt the need to blow off some steam with a high-energy mix, good for a workout or rave. The first track is a remix by DJ Kirby for our latest single ‘Butterfly.’ The mix hits peak energy early on, and chills out nicely towards the end.”

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Listen to the mix and follow along with the tracklist. They are touring this summer and tickets can be found here.


1. Blue Hawaii - Butterfly (DJ Kirby remix)
2. Dallaniel - Bass Anthem
3. Küetzal - Homeless in Detroit
4. Küetzal - From the block
5. Six Foe - Seasons
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak remix)
7. Chané - N4STY G1RL F4NT4ST1K
8. DJ これからの緊急災害 - FUCK THE PA1N AWAY
9. Pablo Pepstasy - Baby Love
10. Kerri Chandler Feat. Troy Denari - The Way It Goes (Track 1) (Chris Stussy Remix)
11. DJ Dave - Still Miss U
12. DJ Assault - Living' The (Good Life)
13. Lime - I Don’t Wanna Lose You
14. Mr. De' feat Greg C. Brown - Sex On The Beach
15. Der Zyklus - Mathematische Modelle