Lithe is next up in our Magnetic Mix series. The Australian-based artist delves into high-energy, kinetic club music that spans jungle, breaks, trap, techno and grime, all designed for movement. He is releasing a new EP, Not A Pessimist, tomorrow, which includes a remix from Hedchef. The EP goes deeper and darker with some hard-hitting percussion, techno and bass. The EP can be pre-ordered across digital services here, but you can check it below on Bandcamp.

Lithe channels that heavy sound into this Magnetic Mix that spans jungle, grime, hip-hop, trap, breaks. There is a lot of color and movement in this mix, with plenty of moments of pure hectic madness.

“Whenever I put together a mix it’s usually a combination of tracks that I’ve been itching to play out and brand new stuff that I’ve only come across that week,” explains Lithe. 

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“No different here, with some fast favorites from +1 (now Plus One), E-Talking, Ayesha, Coe, Diessa & Sobolik, Nate Swan, Mafou, Two Shell, and more. All really dubby, colorful tunes, but still forward facing and hectic. I’ve been on a path to try and bring some more color and melody to my own music, and all of these artists were influential in some way or another when I was writing Not A Pessimist.”


1. Delay Grounds - I’d Like To See You Try
2. Coe - Radial
3. Two Shell - Over U
4. Ayesha - Dark Matter
5. Nate Swan - FTA
6. Hypna - Beam Reflector (Phrixus Remix)
7. Diessa - Fuck Me (Sobolik Remix)
8. E-Talking - Hi-Res
9. Mafou - Vodou
10. Lithe - Dub Drum
11. Jennifer Walton - Flash On (w/ BFTT)
12. Plus One - Bleeker Street Dub
13. Ramses - Distant Drums
14. Otik - Switchways
15. Plus One - Spectator