Electronic music sensation LUM!X has unveiled his entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the new single, ‘Halo.’ The release is a collaboration between LUM!X and vocalist Pia Maria, as the two are set to represent Austria in this year’s Eurovision, scheduled for May 10 – 14.

Clocking in at a blistering 150 beats per minute, ‘Halo’ paints a picture of a producer who isn’t afraid to challenge convention. A nod to the iconic Eurobeat sounds of yesterday (and possibly a foreshadowing of styles to come), the single relies on its kinetic beat and Pia Maria’s commanding vocals to captivate listeners around the globe. Bolstered by a stadium-ready breakdown and a simply undeniable hook, ‘Halo’ is sure to leave some listeners wondering if LUM!X and Pia Maria were sent from above.