LA-based electronic crossover act Daniel Allan is inspired by the sounds of Flume, ODESZA, and even Kanye. Blending the musical perspectives of pioneers from genres that span the musical spectrum, Daniel Allan has cultivated a signature sound inspired by greatness. Ahead of his Overstimulated EP, Daniel Allan unveils “Say What You Want” featuring multi-hyphenate singer DEEGAN. 

While the music is an exploration of glitchy electronic-pop and silky alternative-R&B, “Say What You Want” and the entirety of the Overstimulated EP arrives at the bustling intersection of cryptocurrency and music. Abandoning the traditional label route, Daniel Allan instead built a community of like-minded individuals, fans, NFT enthusiasts, musicians, and more to crowdfund the project. Raising upwards of $50 ETH or $190k USD. This pioneering approach to releasing music speaks not only to the power of community in the digital age, but also to Daniel Allan's artistry and intelligence as a musician. Listen to “Say What You Want” below.