Lily Allen has shared how she and her husband David Harbour got revenge on an “obsessed” troll saying, “It will so spin her out”.

While appearing as a guest on Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s Parenting Hell podcast, the ‘Smile’ singer opened up about her marriage with the Stranger Things star, revealing that there was one online hater who was not happy about the two’s union.

“There’s this one person, this like one troll, that is obsessed with David’s ex-girlfriend – my husband David – and hates the fact that he married me. And she’s like … she just shitposts everywhere all over the internet,” Allen told Beckett and Widdicombe.


She continued: “And me and David set up a production company and named it after her. We just thought she’ll be so utterly confused [when] her name comes up on the screen! It will so spin her out.”

Allen and Harbour tied the knot back in 2020 in Las Vegas. She has shared glimpses of their relationship and recently revealed “David was the first date I ever went on,” on her Miss Me? podcast, which she co-hosts with her close friend Miquita Oliver.

Elsewhere, the ‘LDN’ singer recently shared that she “stands to lose everything” if she drinks again, and recalled the time she was banned from London’s Groucho Club.

The singer and actor has been sober for nearly five years, having struggled with binge drinking and drug abuse in the past. Last March, Allen explained that her “life [had] changed so much” since she decided to quit.

Allen explained last year that fame once “became an addiction in itself”. In 2008 she said she had an “addictive personality”, but that she “[didn’t] want to be hanging over a toilet seat snorting coke when I’m 50”.

In other news, Lily Allen has revealed that she has been working on new music in Nashville, Tennessee. Her fourth and latest studio album, ‘No Shame’, was released in 2018.

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