Hailing from New York, the multifaceted talent JiLLi continues to showcase what it means to be versatile in creative expression within Electronic Music today; unrestrained by the expectation to mould into the boundaries of one genre, JiLLi instead confidently goes beyond, taking her artistry into several different realms within music to appear with a unique originality. From songwriting to singing to producing, JiLLi approaches her craft with creative freedom, supported by a passionate love and driven enthusiasm for music itself.

From childhood, it was clear to JiLLi that music was to play an important role in her life; quickly discovering her interest, she learnt to play the guitar, taking to singing in rock bands from an early age. As she grew, her love for music never faltered, instead leading her to expand on her musical experiences as she took to studying at the well-known Icon Collective school in Los Angeles; now still based on the West Coast, JiLLi has since been channelling her devotion to music into another creative outlay, supporting the next generation of Artists as a Staff Vocalist Instructor at her alma mater. Yet, it is JiLLi’s own musical journey that is positioning her as a rising star within Electronic Music as she strikes out with live appearances and sample packs that remain versatile and compelling in design.

With her recent projects, ‘Passion Vocals’ and ‘Rainbow of Emotions’ coming to spotlight her diversity once again, JiLLi continues to make sure she portrays the expanse of her capabilities. As she offers vocal sample packs suitable for any Producer, both established and those still early on in their creative path, JiLLi continues to express her creativity in a way that is unlike her peers, carving a unique position on the scene today. Having delivered collections filled with a wide range of vocal sounds, from bold and impactful to soft and subtle, whilst providing an extensive array of harmonic and melodic progressions, JiLLi seeks to stand out, gaining a reputation for her multi-layered talents.

Serving as another tier to her artistry, JiLLi also takes to the stage, performing alongside different Artists from genres like Dubstep and Trap and collaborates with top names, such as Jkyl & Hyde for the track, ‘End Is Here’. With this added branch of her creativity continuing to highlight her innate abilities and skillset when it comes to delivering sonic impact, the opportunities that JiLLi has garnered to date, including performing at the renowned festivals Lost Lands and Countdown, should no doubt come as an indicator of her potential and the promising trajectory she is surely on.

As she continues to realise her creativity through various musical avenues, whether lighting up stages around Los Angeles or offering sample packs for Producers worldwide, JiLLi keeps climbing the list of innovative talents on the scene, so it seems only a matter of time before more genre enthusiasts discover her enthralling sonic world.

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