Jennifer Aniston has shared photographs online in celebration of Courteney Cox’s 60th birthday.

The pair starred together on the hit sitcom Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004, and have remained close since. To mark the milestone birthday, Aniston – now aged 55 – shared a selection of photos of the pair on her Instagram page, alongside a heartfelt caption about Cox.

“Celebrating this powerful, magical, mystical, interesting, interested, ferociously talented girl today!!!” she wrote in the post. “My sweet CC @courteneycoxofficial”.

The Morning Show star continued: “She’s funny like no other, STUNNING on the inside and out. Independent in the most gorgeous way, cares for everyone even if she doesn’t know you.“

She described her as “Terrified of dogs even though I’ve never known her NOT to have at least two of them,” and “fiercely loyal to the end”.

Aniston also mentioned a character trait which Cox appears to share with her Friends character, Monica Geller. “She’ll redecorate a room like nobody’s business. Spot a smudge on a window from a mile (literally) away,” she wrote. “She doesn’t care what other people think!!”

She finished her tribute by describing how she “can’t imagine a world without her”.

“It’s one of my great honours to call her one of my best friends for life,” she added. “Happy happy birthday CC. I love you!”

Meanwhile, Aniston was brought to tears during a recent interview with Quinta Brunson, in which she was asked what it is like to watch Friends following the death of co-star Matthew Perry.

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