Jacob Colon does it again, this time he introduces ‘Take It’, a fresh new hit released via his imprint ‘Made 2 Move’, this label has launched some of his top-quality and popular productions like ‘Flippin it’, ‘Late Nights’ and ‘What We About’ in the recent past. After consecutive well acclaimed releases, like this month’s ‘Protagonista’, an Afro-House inspired track that brightens up any party, brought in by the label ‘Made in Miami’, and his success with his weekly radio show ‘Made to Move’ that has reached more than 30 global stations and has already surpassed more than 80 episodes, Jacob comes back with yet another banger. This new track, ‘Take It’ features the same characteristic sound, flavor and vibe this artist has to offer.

One of the song’s fundamental components are congas and acoustic percussion, these appear since the beginning of the track as support to a heavy classic house beat, various drops with filtered synths and layers of echoed sounds and voices, liven up the vibe, a wobbly bass line makes an appearance that added to dark bells chiming, help consolidate an obscure, mysterious yet energetic and refreshing vibe. A brassy motif gets in the mix during hectic parts of the track, while a sustained pad maintains the underlying intensity throughout the song. There are some panned elements that make the whole listening experience even more immersive. This track definitely paves up the way for a much-needed fresh summer. 

Jacob Colon never ceases to impress with high-quality and innovative music, always true to his essence and own style, uncompromising and always setting high standards, this artist surely keeps his name on the list of artist not-to-miss. 

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‘Take It’ is available now in online stores and major streaming platforms.

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