Flintwick comes back swinging with a chunkier, “main stage” twist to his familiar psychedelic glitch palette with ‘Lurching’. Featuring two funky glitch-hop bangers, an ominous bass-heavy collaboration with vocalist Yongi, and a surprise venture into drum and bass, this four-track release showcases Flintwick’s evolution and signature style making for the perfect drop in time for festival season. 

Flintwick photo credit Press Pause Films

We asked Flintwick, the new inductee to the Prysm Talent Agency, about the production techniques you used to create two tracks off the EP, ‘Late Checkout’ and ‘Lurching’, as well as other creative ways he created the sounds throughout the EP, he shared,

I particularly like those tunes cause I rarely lay into the chunkier drums and basses like that. I tried to focus on the grooves and really carve out space for each sound to smack individually- then tried to take it a step even further in the second drop breakdowns by splitting the grooves up to even tighter spaces. 

A common technique I use for my organic/ drippy sounds in Lurching, as well as all my music, is to make the drips multiple different ways- live recordings, sound designed by modular and digital synths, manipulated samples, etc. then switch between them constantly so it confuses the listener as to if its a real water drop, a synth, sample, etc.

I try to do this with other sounds as much as possible, like slap bass and other live instruments to really push the ever-changing textures.”


Enjoy the full journey of Flintwick’s ‘Lurching’ EP while reading our exclusive interview, a guide through the psychedelic bass world. 

Flintwick Lurching

Congratulations on landing slots at some major upcoming festivals, like Backwoods and Sound HavenWhat are some events, festivals or venues that you have played at before?  How are you preparing for your upcoming sets?  What is one or two tracks from another artist you will likely drop? 

I’ve been blessed to be able to spread my sounds to fests all over and always find at least something positive to fall in love with with each one, so it’s hard to not just list all of them. But some honorable mentions of recent good times are Meow Wolf, Astronox Festivals, Infrasound, Ohm on the Range, ReKinection, and anything Deadhead Productions touches. 

I have different processes for preparing sets depending on what kind of lineup or vibe the event carries, as well as what time/ stage I’m playing. If it’s a club/ venue setting, I’m more likely to freestyle my sets a bit more, whereas for festivals I really like to plan the journey from start to finish.

Flintwick at Astronox Festival
Flintwick live at Kosmic Kingdom
Flintwick at Backwoods photo credit Phil Clarkin Photography
Flintwick photo credit Jamie Seed

As far as other artist’s tracks, a lot of times my sets lean for all original, but depending on the situation I’ll throw in a few unreleased tracks from other producer homies. (Shoutout  Halfred, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Vide, Freddy Todd, Maxfield.)

Flintwick + Rexaffacts Live @ Deepwood House


What string instruments have you played before?  Are there any instruments you want to learn and bring into your music next? 

The first instrument that I learned music theory through was actually the mandolin. From then on, I began collecting and learning all kinds of random stringed instruments such as dobro, sitar, guzheng, banjo, dulcimer, the list goes on and on haha. As far as new instruments, some new Chinese instruments would be pretty cool such as the pipa or erhu.


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What progressions within the electronic music scene have you been appreciating lately? 

It’s been awesome seeing the rise of sound system appreciation in the past few years. More and more production companies with high quality systems and genuine care for the growth of the music scene are popping up- not only making the show look and sound better, but also generating some positivity and hope into the music industry that has historically been ran with profits as priority- shoutout Tribal Roots for being a good example of a company that is growing WITH the community, rather than trying to manipulate it to their benefit; while bringing insanely good sound.

Tribal Roots

What city in Arkansas are you from?  Anything unique you want to share about your hometown or about Arkansas in general? 

Originally I’m from Fort Smith, but currently live in Fayetteville and love it. Growing up I always felt like there wasn’t anything unique about Arkansas and there was no way I could live here for long, but honestly the Ozarks are just beautiful and the more I travel to all the major cities for shows and experience different scenes and areas, the more I come home and appreciate everything around me.

The music scene is at a level where we don’t have as many shows coming through as I would like, but when there are good shows, all the scenes seem to come together. The edm, jamband, bluegrass, etc fans are all in harmony and it’s everything.

Flintwick at Backwood Music Festival, Ozark, Arkansas

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