Prepare to be transported to the furthest reaches of sonic exploration with DICEY‘s latest underground bass masterpiece, “Slick Speeds”, released via Saturate Records. Hailing from the steel city of Pittsburgh, DICEY’s newest creation is a pulsating journey through the depths of underground soundscapes. The collaboration with Saturate Records serves as a testament to the vibrant creativity thriving in the underground.

Saturate Records, known for its commitment to fostering emerging talent and pushing the envelope of electronic music, provides the perfect platform for DICEY’s design. Together, they deliver a track that’s characterized by militant rhythms and immersive bass lines. The masterful blend of underground elements with hints of industrial grit, creates a progressive landscape that’s hypnotic and addictive.

DICEY photo credit @ZROdubz_1

DICEY’s latest offering isn’t just a track; it’s a statement—a declaration that the underground bass scene is alive, thriving, and ready to conquer new frontiers. So, strap in, turn up the volume, and let DICEY take you on a ‘slick’ journey through this proper bass fueled track.

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