The rave scene of the 90s laid the groundwork for modern electronic music culture, and can give thanks to for the quality of festivals and DJ culture we bask in today. Today, there is a nostalgic interest in the 90s rave scene, with many events and festivals attempting to capture its spirit. It remains a cultural touchstone for those who experienced it and a source of inspiration for new generations of music and art enthusiasts.

Here is Bexxie‘s perspective, one DJ and producer from the heart of North America’s newfound rave culture and the stages of EDC Las Vegas to becoming a voting member of the Recording Academy- for the GRAMMYs and now releasing her second timeless house record on Insomniac’s IN/ROTATION, ‘Gotta Be Real.’

Bexxie Interview

Okay, 90s rave days, where were you?  What were your favorite raves, artists and classic rave tracks?  The best outfit or accessory you had? 

Back in the 90s, you could find me all over the New York City and tri-state area rave scene. While I don’t remember a particular rave, there were iconic NYC Clubs such as Limelight and Tunnel I loved attending and promoters also found venues throughout the city for all-ages shows. My friends and I would always be excited to pull up anywhere that had great music and space to dance.

Limelight NYC photo credit Paul Van Dyk

The lineups would include all kinds of genres from techno, to trance, house, hardcore, and jungle. I loved experiencing genres of all sorts, but was particularly drawn to anything with a fast bpm like hardcore, happy hardcore, hard house, drum and bass, and jungle. As far as outfits go, I would usually wear some sort of wide leg pants like JNCOs or UFOs with a baby tee and sneakers. That was the ultimate raver girl uniform back then. 

Insomniac Fridays 1990s photo credit Pasquale Rotella

“The reason we created Insomniac in 1993 was to bring back the music and positive energy of the underground rave scene, which had declined sharply in the early 90s. At that time, if you wanted to go out and hear good electronic music, you had zero options except for a handful of seedy, cracked-out after hours clubs. Our mission was to create a safe, positive, and welcoming environment for electronic music lovers. My good friend Mojo, a former resident DJ at Insomniac Fridays, just put together a list of the “Top 10 Old-School Insomniac Rave Anthems”. It captures the spirit of those early events and includes a little bit of everything, from techno, to breaks, gabber and jungle.” – Pasquale Rotella

Please walk us through your EDC Las Vegas experience.  Who did you enjoy meeting or hanging out with during or after the festival?  Any other funny or unforgettable moments to share or does “what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?” 

It was great to see Seven Lions after touring together last year. I played Myles O’Neal’s song ‘Superficial’ during my Stereobloom set last year so it was great to see him make his debut at the festival himself, and of course, it’s always great to say hi to my Insomniac fam! 

Congratulations on becoming a voting member of the Recording Academy!  How does one get elected to be a voting member of the Recording Academy?  

Thank you! It’s an honor to be able to contribute to the voting process and support talent that deserves such prestigious recognition. To become a member, you need to be invited by the Academy. 

What is a message to share around ‘Gotta Be Real’?  

I made “Gotta Be Real” as a fun rave track to play in my sets. The message would be just to have fun and dance!! 

Bexxie at Above & Beyond Group Therapy -London
Charlotte Blackbox Theater Photo credit Key Vision Photography

Preparing for the interview with you, I reached out to new producer friend from Milan, Fred Dope, I believe you are familiar with his music too since he mentioned you in our interview awhile back.  Shout out Fred!  He pointed out that you are a part of the Cosmic Academy.  What are a couple valuable takeaways from your studies there? 

Yes, shout out Fred! Cosmic is an amazing music production and artist development program. Not only do they teach you a step-by-step process to make music quickly at a high-quailty, professional level, but they also teach business and marketing skills as well. Another great benefit of taking Cosmic is being a part of the community – everyone is so nice and supportive. It really feels like a family. 

What is one studio tip or music theory lesson you can share around ‘Gotta Be Real’? 

If you want to create a catchy melody, keeping it simple is best by just using a few notes. The main lead sound in “Gotta Be Real” just uses 3 notes (F# – A – G#). 


Please tell us about your very first DJ set. How has your sound changed since when you started DJing, how has it stayed the same?  

The first official set I ever played was at a Polish Club in New Jersey in 1999. I was so nervous! I remember bringing mixtapes to give out to anyone who wanted one. Back then, I used to play happy hardcore so my sound has changed a lot since then. I produce, and play house music now, but I think my sound is still very influenced by the music I listened to and played back in the 90s. 

Bexxie at Anjunabeats CT

Modern Bexxie

What are 5 tracks you recently discovered and would be excited about mixing into your sets?  

    1. Black V Neck – Pump This Party 
    2. Genix – Baby, Baby
    3. Maur & Faber – Feel My Love
    4. Solardo & Kaleena Zanders – Testify 
    5. Miss Dre – Lifestyle

Bexxie Selects Playlist: 

What are some surprising tracks or edits/remixes you have mixed into your sets throughout your career?  How would you describe the nuanced direction for your sets recently? 

I like for my sets to feel like a journey for attendees. I play everything from tech house, disco, progressive, techno, to piano house, with fun edits thrown in. I love to make a lot of my own edits and remixes to play in my sets such as my edits of Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” and Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” and a mash up I made of my track “Feel The Energy” mashed up with Sam Smith’s “Unholy.”

Oh nice!  ‘Feel the Energy’ is a must listen, I am sure it could go with a lot of songs.  Is there anything you are working on (in or outside of music) or upcoming dates you can share with us today?  

This summer I’ll be performing at Supernova in Costa Rica, making my debut headline in LA and performing at Vivid Festival in Seattle!


Until then allow Bexxie to pump you through the week with the high vibes she broadcasts across YouTube, Twitch and TikTok every Wednesday, exactly mid week, and sample her whole collection with releases on Toolroom, Anjunabeats, Brooklyn Fire and more with Insomniac.

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