Soleil Carrillo has been filling the airwaves with a choice selection of dance music throughout Canada and Europe. Arriving on stage at the right times, whether at Capital Ballroom to the residents of Victoria, bikers in the Vancouver GranFondo, students at the UVic Club Days, or the late-night party-goers in Madrid and Amsterdam, Soleil has nurtured his legendary reputation.

We think you will like his niche sound, often selecting unique pop songs and a hardy layer of house, while not shying away from any genre behind the decks.  Today Soleil shows us that he is continuing to explore with an afro house Traxsource Weekend Weapon, ‘Adria’ via Carrillo Music. 

Soleil Carrillo ‘Adria’

Scrapping the sky with beautiful and powerful synths, African vocals the reminds us of the wonders and depths of the world, melody that brings us to a day in paradise, and a tempo that pumps, ‘Adria’ is a house tune that levels with the greats. 

We talk all about ‘Adria’, Soleil’s Amsterdam Dance Event experience, the best music festivals and clubs in Victoria, Canada and more exciting contributions he has made with his music in our exclusive interview. 

Soleil Carrillo

Let’s play 2 truths and a lie. Please tell us 2 truths about yourself that people may not know and 1 lie. (At the end of the interview please reveal which was a lie.)

I am a licensed emergency medical responder for music festivals. While traveling to Defected Croatia, I got production advice from John Summit. My DJ decks were stolen.

What is a message you can share around ‘Adria’?  Where did the track title come from?

‘Adria’ is an afro house-inspired track, a genre I have yet to explore in my production career. I believe the track captures the essence of the Adriatic Sea, hence the name ‘Adria.’ With its low, driving percussive elements and the reverberating, melodic highs, ‘Adria’ gives the listener a sort of ethereal experience. I was lucky enough to have attended a boat party for Defected Croatia in 2021, and the vibe of this track emulates what I felt and listened to while enjoying Melé’s set. I would say the beach on the cover is reminiscent of any of the coasts of the countries that border the Adriatic Sea.

What are 2 tracks you would play during a peak time set? What are 2 tracks you would play during a sunrise set?

“We Give Thee Honor” by Floorplan and “Move Your Body” by Marshall Jefferson and Solardo would be my peak-time tracks. “We Give Thee Honor” inspires so much energy every time I play it live. The gospel singing is just crazy good. “Move Your Body” is recognizable to the house community and is tough to get sick of. It could be considered ‘basic,’ but with house music, “you can’t go wrong.” My two sunrise tracks have to be “All In A Dream” by LP Giobbi, DJ Tennis, and Joseph Ashworth and “Say a Prayer for Me” by Rüfüs Du Sol. Both are so calming but inspire so much emotion all at once. There is nothing better for ending a night of dancing.

Great choices! When can people find you DJing for The Housecrunch Radio Show next?

Later this summer! I have had a hiatus due to finishing university, but I will have mixes out in no time.

How did you get to know Terri B? Do you have any favorite memories with her or possibly something you have learned by working with her?

I met Terri B through a family connection, specifically my father. She saw me grow up and develop my production and DJing skills. I loved spending time with her during my time in Amsterdam for ADE. She MC’d the event, and I DJed. She has always been so encouraging and a fantastic role model. I hope to produce a track with her soon!

Rod Carrillo’s ‘Choose It’ Family Affair Remix with Soleil Carrillo and Isa Carrillo.

How was your Amsterdam Dance Event experience?

It was amazing! I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to DJ in Europe, especially while I was still attending university and had an exam the following week. In the States and Canada, I find playing the music I love hard due to club demands and the dominance of pop culture over dance. Playing tunes from Mark Knight, Riva Starr, and Floorplan was freeing. The vibe of the whole event was great, and it was a pleasure to meet so many people from the music industry. I look forward to attending ADE for years to come!

Are you working on any pop remixes or have ideas turning on what pop song would sound good to remix next?

While I am not currently working on a pop remix project, I have recently seen a spike in mainstream house remixes of popular TikTok songs like “BBL Drizzy” by Metro Boomin or “Million Dollar Baby” by Tommy Richman. I may swing at one of those, but since there is so much supply, I would rather find older pop tracks with no house versions. Like “Tennis Court” by Lorde. While there is an awesome remix by Flume, I want to create a groovier version to play in my sets.

Good call, I haven’t heard a good house remix of ‘Green Light’ by Lorde yet…  What short films and video games have you scored?

The short films I produced include Matched by Cole Barness and Heartache by Cole Bechler. Both of the directors were film students at the University of Arizona. They allowed me to create music outside of my comfort zone, and they were happy with the product I delivered to them. I have only made music for a single video game called Agent Down by Ethan Nicholson. This was fun since I had total freedom to create the theme. I would love more chances to compose and produce music for different projects.

What are the next steps for the Pulsify Collective with you and your studio mate, KELLARI?

We are trying to create an inclusive community that appreciates the groove of house music on Vancouver Island. We have thrown two events so far at Paparazzi Nightclub, but we want to throw a pop-up next and get intimate with the crowd goers. For Pulsify Collective, it’s all about getting people to connect and dance with one another. We just need to find and attract people with the same goals.

What are your favorite clubs, party brands, after hours spots, events, local artists and/or festivals around Victoria, BC?

Club Loading is at the top of my list. It is one of the only clubs that offers the intimate and groovy experience you can get in Europe. They play lots of tracks I have yet to listen to, which is a blessing. Pop-ups are probably the next best thing. Felix Cartal has had some fantastic pop-ups in Victoria from time to time. Rifflandia is when the best acts come to Victoria. The music festival has brought the likes of Chris Lake, Diplo, and many local artists from across Canada. With a 2-hour ferry ride, you can get the best clubbing experience in Vancouver.

What was the lie you told from the first question?

I met John Summit but never received production tips from him. (I wish I had)


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