The UAE region is full of all kinds of wonderous locations. It’s a place where you can soak up such grand culture even on a morning drive. This is why renting out a car is the perfect way to explore. You will find that the city of Dubai is built for smooth rides. Many different vehicles are up for grabs depending on where you wish to visit. Want to rent Ferrari Dubai vehicles and cruise in style? Need an SUV for a desert adventure? Follow out guide how to rent a car in the UAE.

Trying Online

It is best recommended to look for a car to rent online before you arrive in the UAE. That way you can plan out a car ride from the moment you touch down on the airport. Only in rare cases would they offer a vehicle to you right away. There may be more physical requirements needed for proper authorization. However, searching online can let you look at the specs of certain cars to help with your decision. You can find some exclusive deals by visiting their sites. Below are some recommendations:

  • Renty
  • Kings Rent Cars
  • X Car Rental
  • Rental Cars UAE
  • Make MY Ride

Bringing Documentation

Before you can be allowed to rent a car, you will need to fulfil certain requirements. The main part is bringing in your driver’s license and identification. You need to prove that you are eligible to drive in UAE and know how to handle a car. This will also confirm your age as well as what vehicles you are allowed to rent. You may need to get a provisional license if your usual driver’s license is invalid. This can be the case in some rental stores due to different laws.

Testing the Car

Some rental services will ask you to test drive the vehicle you have chosen. This will be a simple drive around a designated area near the rental service. This is beneficial for both the rental company and yourself. On their side, they can see if you can drive their vehicles and gather valuable data. On your end, it can be a way of getting a real feel for the vehicle on the actual road. Testing out the gear shifts, turning, radio, rear-view mirrors, and more. So long as you show you can drive normally, the passing requirements are not too demanding.

How Long You Want It For?

Once everything is finalized, you will need to decide how long you are planning to rent the car. This can entirely depend on how long you are staying in Dubai or for where you plan to be going. It could be you only need a short-term rental. You may wish to visit a place for a day or need to go somewhere specific. Long-term rental can more expensive but could save you money if you plan on staying for longer. This can be for multiple days or for longer trips around the UAE.


The final part of our guide is making you sure you have good insurance with your rental. This can help you save money on any potential damages that can happen to the car. A CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is a standard part of the insurance and has a daily cost. It will be added to the overall rental cost in a complete package. If you can, try to find an insurance package that can also cover injuries you may sustain from any potential accidents. Getting full coverage can help save you more money if one should happen.

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