Glastonbury has introduced a new stage to the Shangri-La area – an abandoned shopping centre and emphasise the idea of community. Watch our video on the Peace Stage above.

The new addition takes over from the Truth Stage and has been installed as a way to encourage people to turn away from consumerism, and come together through their love of music instead.

“It’s an amazing cultural hub for musical diversity and diversity of all kinds, also with a strong message of peace,” music programmer Max Golfar told NME. “We’re using music and art as a tool for expression, and using it as a place where we can share a message that is bigger than just what’s happening on stage.”

The area has been designed to resemble a deserted shopping mall, strewn with discarded mannequins and stripped clothing rails around.

“The design is cool as fuck, we’ve got an abandoned mall kind of vibe going on,” Golfar continued. “It’s anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist, all tying in with this message of various political movements and ideas we’re trying to push and, well, peace.

“I think the idea of switching out from the Truth Stage came because the world is in a complicated place right now. We need to be pushing a message of peace and togetherness in a time where everything feels really quite fragmented. It’s got everything from funk to punk, rock to folk, African music to reggae, as well as everything in between,” he added.

“That’s a real core part of the message – bringing lots of different communities together to show the people of Glastonbury the amazing cultural diversity at this festival.”

Glastonbury Peace Stage.
Glastonbury Peace Stage. CREDIT: NME

The Peace Stage kicked off with huge sets from Lambrini Girls, VLURE and more.

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