After stumbling across the Munich indie-folk quartet for their standout single ´bumblin´´ , we turned over the rock that is, KYTES to find a mainstay band that is selling out major venues throughout Europe.  Fortunately now they are on a electronic music heist, taking over the air waves with Hamburg electro veterans Digitalism with ‘Hula Hoop’ on KYTES label Frisbee Records. Blending house music with pop, the 6 head collaboration yields a peachy record for the grassy knolls or clubs.   

KYTES & Digitalism ´Hula Hoop´ Frisbee Records

The band says: “It was a great pleasure and an honour to write this song with Digitalism. Jens & Ismail are an inspiration and motivation for us for a long time now, so this feels a little surreal. Hula-Hoop is the centre of the Apricosa EP – electronic and dancey but still Indie. We’re super proud of the song and very happy it’s gonna be out soon.“

Following on from recent hits ‘Happy Hangover’, ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘Apricosa’, ‘Hula Hoop’ was released on the 8th July.  The track is part of the ‘Apricosa’ EP – blending indie disco vibes with dance, electro and club elements and will serve as a nice surprise during their live shows as they bumble along their Happy Hangover tour across Germany, Austria and Switzerland starting this summer in August. 

KYTES ´bumblin´

From support from Pete Tong and work with Riton to premiering records on MixMag and the Boiler Room, Digitalism, has been injecting the rave culture with their electro house specialty for over a decade.


To expand the dynamics of the electronic project the quartet is after, Mind Enterprises offered a timeless remix of ´Apricosa´ with Daft Punk vibes, making apparent the breadcrumbs under this KYTES rock to follow.


Aug 30 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof

Aug 31 Köln – Stollwerk 

Sep 01 Berlin – Columbia Theater 

Sep 03 München – Tonhalle

Sep 05 Frankfurt – Zoom

Sep 06 Nürnberg – Z-Bau

Sep 07 Hamburg – Übel & Gefährlich 

Sep 08 Hannover – Indie Glocksee

Sep 09 Oberhausen – Gdanska

Sep 14 Wien (AU) – Arena 

Sep 16 Ulm – Roxy 

Sep 20 Dresden – Groovestation

Sep 21 Leipzig – UT Connewitz

Sep 24 Zürich (CH) – Dynamo