Melbourne producer Pretty Girl has released her new EP Middle Ground. The four-track project comes with two previously released tunes that get knitted together into the EP.

It opens with “Arc,” a table-setter for what the EP will sound like. It combines some light breakbeats with soft synths and her voice to provide a different element to many melodic house tracks. That same gentle warmth is carried over into “Empathy” that often feels just out of reach, but still comforting. “Lavender” brings back some of those skittering breaks, while still staying melodic and somewhat mellow, though the kick drums on this one add a nice dose of energy.

The tour-de-force of Middle Ground comes with the final track “The Only Way Out Is Through.” This one combines the instrumental elements in the prior tracks into one. There are moments of breaks, but it soars with rolling progressive melodies that build and build throughout the full eight-minute tune.

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Pretty Girl delivers some sumptuous progressive house, sprinkled in with breaks and mellower, melodic house music. Her voice adds a different element, while taking you on journeys within each track. Pick up your copy of the EP here via Gallery Recordings.